Taller Guaguarey offers free pottery classes in a communal setting that enables the creation of connections at many levels of life and has the possibility of leading highly trained potters to generate income.

Taller Guaguarey works in partnership with the town of Cayey ensuring that our pottery classes serve the community. This partnership provides access to a classroom, equipment, water, electricity and student registration.

The word “Guaguarey” means clay in the language of the
indigenous Taínos of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


Funds donated to Taller Guaguarey cover the costs of supplies, tools, equipment and a teacher’s stipend. This will enable us to grow into a self-sustaining regional Clay Arts Center.

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Contact the Taller Guaguarey

Email: Tallerguaguarey@gmail.com

PO Box 372076
Cayey, Puerto Rico 00737-2076