About Us

About Us

Taller Guaguarey was conceived by Alicia Rodriguez when friends and community members expressed concern about the possible closure of her free, adult pottery workshops, sponsored by the municipal government of Cayey, Puerto Rico. In 2018, after discussions with the town’s mayor, Alicia made a commitment to look for alternative sources of funding for these classes. That commitment was the seed of Taller Guaguarey.

The word “Guaguarey” means clay in the language of the indigenous Taínos of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Taller Guaguarey’s pottery workshops offer a community space for people to build connections to themselves, to their earth and to their cultural traditions, while generating income as potters and ceramists.

Taller Guaguarey’s partnership with the town of Cayey ensures that the pottery classes will continue to serve our people. Mayor Rolando Ortiz has pledged continued access to our classroom, equipment, water, electricity and student registration.

Funds donated to Taller Guaguarey’s goal will cover the costs of supplies, tools and other equipment, plus a teacher’s stipend. This will enable us to grow into a self-sustaining regional Clay Arts Center.

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Contact the Taller Guaguarey 

Email: Tallerguaguarey@gmail.com

PO Box 372076
Cayey, Puerto Rico 00737-2076

Cayey is a mountain town in central Puerto Rico. With a population of about 16,000 people, 54.2% live in poverty, compared to 44% of all Puerto Rico’s people. Families and communities throughout our archipelago are facing great uncertainty now that our debt has led to the privatization of our public assets, the closing of over 400 schools, a quickly rising cost of living, and administrative decisions made without regard for people’s needs. This is resulting in a massive exodus of our population.

This colonial reality chips away at our people’s self-esteem, self-determination and well-being, and threatens Puerto Rico’s cultural identity, economic independence, people’s health and the integrity of our communities.