We are so proud of the major achievements accomplished this semester. Please refer to “Gallery” to view photos and read the articles.

On Saturday the 18th of February, Mildred Rivera, reporter for El Nuevo Día, spent the day interviewing and photographing the ceramic class. Her article titled “Therapy: pottery workshops for personal transformation,” was published in the Sunday edition of El Nuevo Día. The newspaper with the largest circulation in Puerto Rico!

 On April 1st we were honored to be received at the home and workshop of Antonio Martorell, board member of Taller Guaguarey. This was a few weeks after he had been honored, at the White House with the National Medal of Arts, by President Biden. Antonio Martorell is a prominent artist of Puerto Rico and is known for his commitment to our nation’s history and identity vividly expressed in his work. He is one of Puerto Rico’s greatest cultural ambassadors! 

Taller Guaguarey met one of its major goals! On the 3rd of May, eight students from the pottery class were certified as Puerto Rican artisans by Mr. Angel Luis Lamar Morales from the Department of Fomento. As certified students, they will be issued identification cards and provided with help in the promotion, marketing, distribution and sale of their clay pieces. They will be invited to participate in activities and festivals where artisans exhibit. 

Twelve students participated in Taller Guaguarey’s first exhibit titled Las manos del barro. The best way to sum up the powerful experience for students, family and friends is in the following words:

“Yesterday’s experience helped me reaffirm that collaborative work, together with friendship and the desire to do different things, is not only gratifying for those who do the deed, but also sends messages to other people. I observed it in each person that approached us.”

—Debbie Parrilla

Another reporter, Aida Mendoza Rivera who attended the exhibit followed up by writing an article titled Manos de la profesora, Alicia Rodriguez en el barro (Hands of the teacher, Alicia Rodriguez, in clay). This digital article appeared in El Post Antillano, which has a far reaching audience. In the article she points out that the mutual agreement between Taller Guaguarey and the Municipality of Cayey, allows the pottery class to develop as an autonomous regional center for clay arts. Without Taller Guaguarey’s donors this would not be possible! Thanks to everyone who through the years have shown their support!