…  despite another hurricane!


This semester was an amazingly powerful and fulfilling experience. We are continuing to hold classes on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Even Hurricane Fiona that made landfall in Puerto Rico in September of 2022, did not break the spirit of the students. The storm forced the closing of the school for three weeks. Yet upon reopening, Taller Guaguarey was present and provided consistency and stability. The students took full advantage of the opportunities provided and maximized their time in the classroom. Their confidence and creative energy were contagious and a key ingredient in further developing their skills and craftsmanship!

When asked, two students at the basic level shared their thoughts about the pottery class. One is an art teacher and the other a high school student. Both commented that they look forward to coming to the clay class. It helps them to cope with the hustle and bustle of everyday life by providing a space to create and do something positive for themselves.

I hope you enjoy the photos we are sharing with you, especially those that show how on one Saturday morning, a section of our classroom was converted into a professional photography studio. We deeply appreciated the collaborative spirit of the young photographer, Alejandro Andres Blanco Rovira, who worked the magic of his craft, manipulated the lighting and discovered the best angles to photograph and enhance the student’s ceramic pieces. We were honored and blessed by Alejandro’s solidarity. We understand his love and enthusiasm for the art of photography because we share the same feelings for pottery making.

See all the photos from this semester.