Silma Quiñones

Inspired by the strength of fellowship and solidarity, Taller Guaguarey’s pottery class ended this academic year on a high note with many successful stories. It was rewarding to see how relaxed and centered the students became as they participated in Zoom classes. They created a work space in their home which provided the freedom to work outside of a classroom schedule and without interruption. The students continued to build confidence and knowledge of the different stages of pottery making. With discipline and enthusiasm, they shared their experiences and pottery pieces during the Zoom classes. 

The Zoom classes nurtured a classroom environment where the students listened to each other, shared experiences and celebrated both the high and low moments of pottery making.  The dynamics created by our Zoom classes built the courage within the students to adapt and welcome the challenges of their journey. The journey they forged, in their hearts and minds, brought them together as members of a community of potters. 

In the words of Maritza Valentin to her teacher:  “In my case, although there is no teaching modality that can replace the presence of a student and a teacher, I can assure you that I feel more productive now, perhaps because I can follow up on my work daily instead of once a week, as before. Certainly I do not have all the tools or materials to work and of course, neither with your guide and face-to-face lesson. However, the process of sending you notes and photos of the steps to receive your recommendations and corrections is essential and very appropriate. The opportunity that this modality gives us to see the work of the other students and hear their explanation of the process is excellent. I have learned a lot from them too.” 

From left: Luis Morales drawing and final piece; vase by Silma Quiñones; piece by Maritza.


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