We are back in the classroom!

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the temporary closing of the Municipal School of Fine Arts in Cayey in March of 2020. Because of Taller Guaguarey’s agreement with the municipality, it was possible to face the challenges caused by the shut down and provide two semesters of Zoom classes while providing students with tools and clay to work from home.

 Last semester, the school was allowed to reopen but with fewer teachers and lower student enrollments. The hallways felt empty and silent, contrary to the liveliness of our pottery classroom. There Taller Guaguarey provided opportunities for learning and the expression of fellowship and personal transformation. We also provided tools and clay to all students as they continued to practice their lessons in the classroom and at home.

These have been challenging times and if anyone in the class had a reason to give up, it was José. At an early age, he was diagnosed with autism. His mom’s dream for José is to develop the necessary skills to live independently. It was a challenge for him to connect to our weekly Zoom classes from a cell phone. His perseverance is a testament that he felt like a fully contributing member of the group creating beautiful balanced clay pieces.

Taller Guaguarey’s generous donors made it possible to open a second class for beginners. The class includes three mothers and their children. One student enrolled her mother who has Alzheimer. Unfortunately, the mom felt too disoriented and could not return. An agreement was made that the daughter would continue taking the classes and practice at home with the mother.

Wishing you joy, health and peace in the coming year!

New Vision For 2022

Taller Guaguarey’s primary objective is to develop and nurture pottery making in the interior mountains of Cayey, Puerto Rico. Founded on the spirit of fellowship and solidarity, we are incorporating a new dimension to providing free clay workshops that will engage different segments of the local communities. Our first will be at Casa Juana Colón, a community center in the neighboring town of Comerio. This center offers valuable legal and psychological services to women who have suffered domestic violence. Depending on the circumstances, these workshops may comprise one to three sessions. In the past, I have offered free clay workshops, including several at Casa Juana Colón. This time around, I look forward to opening up this experience to my advanced students, who will serve as my assistants. We will keep you posted of other local entities who will be opening their doors to us.


Left: Jose is showing the class his new project of a cylinder with texture. Center: While the pencil drawing does not show in this photo, Debbie is explaining her new clay project to the class. Right: Advanced students, Luis and Juanita, loading the kiln


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